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bond failure

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Parameters controlling the strength of stochastic fibrous materials

Many materials of everyday use are fibrous and their strength is important in most applications. In this work we study the dependence of the strength of random fiber networks on structural parameters such as the network density, cross-link density, fiber tortuosity, and the strength of the inter-fiber cross-links. Athermal networks of cellular and fibrous type are considered. We conclude that the network strength scales linearly with the cross-link number density and with the cross-link strength for a broad range of network parameters, and for both types of networks considered.

Failure of Bonded Glass

I work for an optics company and many of its products contain lenses that are bonded together with a very thin (~0.010mm) UV curing adhesive (Norland Adhesives NOA61 is the most common). Up until recently we have never had any issues with the strength of the bond. However we have recently had a particular design fail during a temperature cycle so I am tasked with looking at why, and how to keep it from happening in the future. The temperature range isn't too scary, -40 to +85C.

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