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An elastic phase field model for thermal oxidation of metals: Application to zirconia

Abstacrt: A multi-phase field model was developed for non-selective oxidation of metals which captures both the oxidation kinetics and stress generation. Phase field formulation involved a non-conserved phase field variable as the marker for the metallic substrate, oxide scale, and a fluid phase containing oxygen, and a conserved phase field variable representing the concentration of oxygen.

Research Associate - Modelling of Crack Growth under Fatigue-Oxidation Conditions

A Research Associate is required to undertake an EPSRC-funded project to model oxidation damage at a crack tip and associated crack growth for nickel alloys.

You will join the vibrant Mechanics of Advanced Materials group at Loughborough ( which has gained significant experience in the study of mechanical behaviour of advanced materials.

Postdoc positions in Computational Chemistry/Computational Materials

Two postdoctoral positions in Computational Chemistry/Materials are to be filled in the group of Peter Kroll in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UT Arlington, Arlington, TX. The position is available immedeately and should be filled until January 2013. 

One project focuses on boron nitride and addresses the conversion from an amorphous pre-ceramic state to cubic boron nitride. The second project is on oxidation mechanisms and kinetics of high-temperature ceramics, with a goal to bridge between atomistic computations and kinetic simulations.

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Post Doctoral Appointment in Deformation-Microstructure Modeling

Professor Gregory B. Thompson at the University of Alabama seeks post doctoral applicants for projects related to deformation modeling and oxidation in high temperature ceramic systems.  The qualified candidate will use modeling to explain and help direct experimental studies.

Calculating the activity coefficient of aluminium in the solid state as well as in the liquid state.


  I am trying to calculate the activity of aluminium in the liquid state or solid state. The bottom line is that I want to know if Aluminium during oxidation is more active in the liquid state than in solid state.If so, how can I prove it.

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