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Cohesive zone modelling

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Researcher in Investigations of Adhesives and Bonds in Wind Turbine Blade Substructures

The Section of Composites and Materials Mechanics at the Department of Wind Energy, the Technical University of Denmark seeks a resesearcher for experimental (e.g. determination of cohesive laws) and modelling (finite element simulation using cohesive zone modelling) work. Apply electronically no later than May 13th via 



XFEM or Cohesive zone modelling how to choose "Damage Stabilization parameter"

I am working on crack propagation analysis of lamellar microstructures using XFEM. everything is working fine but i have an annoying observation that whenever i change the damage stabilization parameter let say from 1e-5 to 1e-6 then the force-displacement curves changes abruptly and the force which i am measuring on a reference node of my indenter varies two to three times. i tried to see if damage stabilization parameter effect the F-D curves and i observed that crack length and F-D curve changes.

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