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2D modelling

create shell planar in 2D model ? (Abaqus 6.13)


I have modeling a ground in abaqus and simulated earthquake. will i need allow infinite elements in the laterals model (left and right). In other examples i see in the features (module part) created  "shell planar" en the places to create the infinite element (edge, no plane)... so .. how its made ?



PD: Me english is terrible, sorry.


Modelling 2D instead of 3D in ABAQUS


I modeled a beam with a hole in ABAQUS in 2D and now I would like to stick one plate to the beam surface.

I can do it easily in 3D but actually I do not like to jump 3D because It will make analyses very hard to follow.

My question is that, Is there anyway to stick a the plate to beam in 2D in ABAQUS and avoid 3D?

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