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elastic foundation

Beam on elastic foundation

Dear All,

I am wondering that is there any closed form solution for beam on elastic foundation in case which we have got two stiffness for the springs namely (axial and shear stiffness). The axial force are born because of the some loading conditions in the support.Would you please help me about this?

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Solution for beam on elastic beam


I am looking at some deformations in beams.  I have an elastic beam sleeping on another elastic beam and connected via springs that have two dimensional stiffness. Anybody knows how should I go for closed form solution of this beam and obtain deformations in springs??? I can model it in sap2000 or ABAQUS and solve it at there but I am now looking for only closed form solution... Besides, I am looking for deformations in spring caused by applied load. I have attached a sketch of my model. Any idea or comment will be highly appreciated.

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