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General query regarding MLPG method

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I have few general queries regarding MLPG meshfree method

1. Can the trial and test functions be taken same for solving a problem

2. In the problem if there are zones with different properties, for example different Coeffiencient of Permeability in the aquifers (Plan view-wise), how to handle the interface between the zones and assemble the global matrix

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MLPG mixed collocation essential BC

I am currently implementing some meshfree methods in Matlab. I have already implemented the EFG method. Now I'm trying to implement the MLPG mixed collocation method, and here I run into a problem.

Problems with MLPG and collocation

I fight with my models... Maybe can somebody of us help me...

I model the three dimensional body, those two sizes length and width are much larger then the thickness. For solving PDE i use MLPG Method. After defining my hexahedral support domain with MLS and hexahedral test doman with Heaviside function, i make the nodal integration. For that i divide the hole problem in hexahedrals, in the centers of those the particles are placed. Then i compute the surface of the hexahedrals in test domain through gauss quadratur to assemble the stiffness matrix 

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