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MLPG mixed collocation essential BC

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I am currently implementing some meshfree methods in Matlab. I have already implemented the EFG method. Now I'm trying to implement the MLPG mixed collocation method, and here I run into a problem.

I do not know how to apply the essential boundary conditions. In the EFG method I have used lagrangian multipiers to apply the essential boundary conditions, however with the MLP mixed collocation method you are not working with the weak form (or the local weak form in the normal MLPG method), but with the momentum equations. Thus, I don't think I can use the lagrangian multipliers for the essential boundary conditions. Does anyone have an idea, or is anyone familiar with implementing the MLPG mixed collocation method?

Dear Mr. Overvelde,

I am doing a project and want to apply some modifications on EFG method for laminated plates.

I am looking for readily developed matlb code of EFG in weak form in 2D.

 I would appreciate if you could send me your EFG codes.

my email address is



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