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Material modeling

Viscoelastic material modeling

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I have a question regarding viscoelastic materials and property definitions through prony series.

If i am not wrong ,the values wi and τi of the series can be expressed either in terms of time domain or frequency domain.

Having the prony series expressed at time domain, how can the relaxation tensor be expressed? Do i still need to perform

Laplace-Carson transformation, of the time dependent relaxation and creep functions or their prony series expression is enough,

so i can get the full relaxation tensor (isotropic case) as:


Modeling of a reinforced concrete beam under a rolling load.

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Hi, we're trying to model with ABAQUS a reinforced concrete beam under a rolling load. We want to investigate the compressive low cycle fatigue of reinforced concrete elements under a variable bending moment. We are using a Static Step (total step time: 18000 sec) and a concentrated force applied on the middle cross section with the following load history*:

Modellilng Deep and shallow foundations in Abaqus

Dear All,

I decided to put this post since I am trying to model piles on granular materials with Abaqus and I am having LOADS of problems, some of them due to my lack of understanding in the subject and others becasue there is not enough information around. Some of my problems are:

1- convergence problems: I am using Mohr coulomb for the soil and elasticity for the pile. If the difference between Young's modulus for both materials is to big it does not converge on Abaqus Static. If I do not put a bit of cohesion in my soil it also does not converge.

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