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Solution-Dependent State Variables Defined in Subroutine FRIC Cannot be Displayed in ABAQUS Visualization Module



I am now using ABAQUS subroutine FRIC to define some solution-dependent state variables, and I am currently able to check these values throung writing them into a TXT file in the subroutine. However, I cannot find these SDVs displayed in the ABAQUS visualization module although I have already specify them in the Field/History output manager.


I will be appreciate if anyone could give me some advice on this.


Thanks a lot,


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Output Total Force on a Straight Line


Dear All,

 I am using ANSYS 13.0 APDL to simulate a elastic model to calculate stress intensity factor. I got the solution successfully. However, I want to verify the answer with theoretical solution from crack analysis handbook. So I need to output the total force on a straightline. 

 I had tried to check the force on each node on the line. But the value is varying and different from each other. So I hope to figure out the total force on this line. Should I just sum up all the nodal force on this line? Or is there any other way to output the total force? 

Basic ABAQUS questions

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I am a novice ABAQUS user.  I've found out that I'm more comfortable using ABAQUS/Standard than the CAE version. The GUI is installled on a central server, thus it is slow, doesn't render images very well and keeps on crashing. I have some questions, which I guess are pretty straight forward for advanced users:

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