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temp as a solution dependent variable in umatht subroutine?

Hey guys,

 Anyone has experinece using temperature as a solution dependent varibales in writing umatht subroutine in abaqus?

im my code,temperature is varying with time and also as a SDV.

any advice would be greatly appreciated 



Solution-Dependent State Variables Defined in Subroutine FRIC Cannot be Displayed in ABAQUS Visualization Module



I am now using ABAQUS subroutine FRIC to define some solution-dependent state variables, and I am currently able to check these values throung writing them into a TXT file in the subroutine. However, I cannot find these SDVs displayed in the ABAQUS visualization module although I have already specify them in the Field/History output manager.


I will be appreciate if anyone could give me some advice on this.


Thanks a lot,


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