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strain hardening

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Microstructurally based cross-slip mechanisms and their effects on dislocation microstructure evolution in fcc crystals

Three newly identified cross-slip mechanisms from atomistic simulations of fcc crystals, namely surface, bulk and intersection cross-slip types, were hierarchically informed into discrete dislocation dynamics simulations. The influence of each cross-slip type on the evolution of the dislocation microstructure in face-centered cubic microcrystals having different crystal sizes and initial dislocation densities was investigated.

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Strain hardening

The attached notes are written for a course on plasticity.  I will update new posts on my twitter account:  Rheology is the science of deformation. This science poses a question for every material: given a history of stress, how do we find the history of strain?

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What are the differences between "strain hardening" and "work hardening"?

I think the concepts from the constitutive theory, but in many papers the researchers seem that they dont differentiate them.  So could you give me an exact explanation about it?  Thank you.

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