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FEM Job Opportunity at Apple

Job Summary

We are looking for a self-motivated individual who is proficient in FEM simulation with multi-year hands-on experience of FEM software ASNSY or ABAQUS. The individual should also be an expert programmer of numerical simulation tools, such as: MatLab and/or Python.

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ASME IMECE 2012: Symposium on Quality and Reliability of Electronic/Photonic Packaging, MEMS, and NEMS

Dear Colleagues:


We are currently soliciting abstracts for the 2012 ASME IMECE conference on November 9-15, 2012 in Houston, TX.  The symposium is entitled Quality and Reliability of Electronic/Photonic Packaging, MEMS, and NEMS and is part of the Micro- and Nano- Systems Engineering and Packaging Track.


The call-for-papers for the symposium is as follows:

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Packaging Mechanical Engineer at Hopewell Junction, NY, IBM Microelectronics Division

Packaging mechanical engineers conduct simulation of electronic packages
to optimize package design for compatibility with assembly processes
and for reliable operation in end user systems such as servers, game
consoles and network switches. Simulation is conducted using commercial
finite element software such as ANSYS or ABAQUS to predict package
component stresses and strains. Simulations are verified by measurements
of warpage and stresses / strains in the packages using Digital image
contrast, strain gages, capacitance meters, etc. Package material
properties such as coefficient of thermal expansion, Poisson ratio and
modulus that are required for simulation are measured using specialized
mechanical equipment. Thus, familiarity with numerical simulation

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Journal Club Theme of March 15: Impact of Chip-Package Interaction on Reliability of Copper/Low k Interconnects and Beyond

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

The exponential growth in integrated device density has yielded high-performance microprocessors containing almost 1 billion transistors per chip for the current 65 nm technology. Continuous scaling of the devices and performance requires innovations in materials, processes, and designs for both back-end-of-line (BEoL) interconnects and packaging structures. Mechanical reliability has been a limiting factor for implementation of new materials and processes.

The 8th International Conference on Electronics Packaging Technology (ICEPT)

The 8th International Conference on Electronics Packaging Technology (ICEPT), organized and supported by authoritative academic organizations and leading industries, will be held at Shanghai, China from August 14 -17, 2007.

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Flip-chip plastic ball grid array (FC-PBGA) packages are widely used in high performance components. However, its die back is normally under tensile stress at low temperatures. This paper presents a probabilistic mechanics approach to predict the die failure rate in the FC-PBGA qualification process. The methodology consists of three parts:

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