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Archard wear

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Multi time scale simulations for wear prediction in micro-gears

Reliability of micro-gears is known to be adversely affected by wear. In this work we report a strategy to predict local wear with the aim of predicting their effective life span. For the prediction of local wear we start from the relevant model experiments, choice of a suitable wear model and identification of the wear coefficient from these experiments. This wear model is then implemented in an efficient finite element based scheme to predict local wear.

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Predictive modeling schemes for wear in tribometers

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Study of wear in complex micro-mechanical components is often accomplished experimentally using a pin-
on-disc and twin-disc tribometer. The present paper proposes an approach that involves a computationally
efficient incremental implementation of Archard’s wear model on the global scale for modeling sliding and
slipping wear in such experiments. It will be shown that this fast simplistic numerical tool can be used to
identify the wear coefficient from pin-on-disc experimental data and also predict the wear depths within a

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