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Abaqus 6.7-1

Abaqus/Explicit VUMAT works fine on 32 bits Abaqus - Fails on 64 bits Abaqus with more than 1 processor!!!

Here is the issue:
I am working with a x64 version of
Abaqus/Explicit (6.8-2), and a 32bits version (6.7-1). MS VS2005 is
installed with the x64 compiler tools, Intel Fortran is correctly
installed (IA-32 and Intel64 versions). My OS is Windows Vista Enterprise (64 bits).
The routine is compiled and linked correctly by lauching the appropriate ifortvars.bat file prior to executing abaqus.

Everything works perfectly with the 32 bits version of Abaqus+Compiler, with one or more processors (I have 8 of them).

how to define cyclic load using abaqus

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hello everybody:

i am trying to do a project on load controlled cyclic test. By using the Sin wave, i want to define the load.

If i want to define the load range to be 100 to 1000 how can i define the amplitude?

Also, as come to the platic deformation, do i need to give any criterion or anything particular?


anyone has some idear can you send to

How to define a displacement rate as a pressure uniform load?

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Dear All,

I would like to simulte a 2-d tension test which has been conducted using a displacement rate 1mm/min till failure. Can some one explain how to define this displacement rate using Abaqus 6.7? Also, I would ask another question, can this displacement rate be considered as a vilocity? and can be modeled as a velocity field?


M. G. H

McGill University, Canada 

Help needed in defining Gap Elements in Abaqus


I want to know how we can define a Gap Element In ABAQUS

I am doing a research about simulating a delaminated plate by FE Gap Elements

 Please Help

Thanks an advance

How to assign the same section to many parts in Abaqus?

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I have a problem with a model. It contains over 450 parts that shall have the same section assigned. Is there some easy way to assign to all parts at one time? The abaqus version is 6.7-1.




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