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Abaqus/Explicit VUMAT works fine on 32 bits Abaqus - Fails on 64 bits Abaqus with more than 1 processor!!!

Here is the issue:
I am working with a x64 version of
Abaqus/Explicit (6.8-2), and a 32bits version (6.7-1). MS VS2005 is
installed with the x64 compiler tools, Intel Fortran is correctly
installed (IA-32 and Intel64 versions). My OS is Windows Vista Enterprise (64 bits).
The routine is compiled and linked correctly by lauching the appropriate ifortvars.bat file prior to executing abaqus.

Everything works perfectly with the 32 bits version of Abaqus+Compiler, with one or more processors (I have 8 of them).

When I switch to the x64 versions of Intel Fortran+Abaqus, problems arise.
program executes perfectly when I use one single processor.
Nonetheless, as soon as I ask for parallel computation (2 processors or more), the routine
crashes almost immediately.

Looking a bit at what goes on, I realize that Fortran returns systematically the same computation error:
multiplying the matrices A=B=diag(1), it returns C=matmul(A,B) different than unity...
I have tried to multiply the matrices with my own subroutine but the error still keeps on coming.

What can this be due to?




The problem came from the multiprocessor mode, the MPI choice is required...

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