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The History of Another Dimension - 50 Years of Bentley's V8 Engine

Dr Ulrich Eichhorn's lecture covers the original design and development of the Bentley V8 engine, from its introduction in 1959, in their S2 model, through to its present day form in the newly launched Bentley Brooklands coupe.

With contributions from several senior figures involved with the engine's creation and evolution over the last 50 years, the talk will describe how a well thought out concept and its careful execution have carried the design through to 2009, while other contemporaries have long since fallen by the wayside.

What's Your Problem?

Rather than scratching heads when faced with a seemingly impossible contradiction in a job, engineers could do worse than apply the Triz theory.

There has been quite a buzz around Triz, the Russian theory of problem solving, for some time. Since it was fully refined in the mid-1980s its use has been slowly spreading as word gets round, much like the increasing popularity of a political movement.

Subject Guides from the IMechE

In order to try and get some of the vast store of engineering information we're sitting on out to a wider audience we've created a number of occasional subject guides for engineers and students. The aim is to highlight sources of information available from our Library and the Institution itself.

You can see an example of one of these (for the aerospace industry) here, from which you can browse to a whole host of others.

Investing in Alternative Energy

Please note the website and bookings page for the 2nd Investing in Alternative Energy event 1 February 2008, IMechE can be found at:

The official brochure will be available shortly.

Further information

For information about speaking, hosting a discussion booth, attending as a delegate, or any form of sponsorship please contact Jason Williams on +44 (0)20 7973 1273 or

News feeds from the IMechE

I run part of the website here at the IMechE in the UK. Since we have many international visitors to our technical events I thought I'd point out that we've finally brought out a whole raft of RSS goodness with the launch of a range of industry specific feeds from our calender of events. We intend to launch more feeds for other content areas soon.

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