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Nonlinear Buckling of Cylindrical Tubes w/ ANSYS

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Hi all,

I'm trying to run a nonlinear (elastic for now) buckling analysis in ANSYS. Basically I have a thin cylindrical shell (made up of SHELL181). fixed at one end (rigid) and applied force and/or displacement specified on the other end to make it buckle.

I have pretty much tried all options. These were:

i) Linear buckling (Eigenbuckling)

ii) Displacement controlled buckling with a lateral point force to provide eccentricity/imperfection.

iii)Force controlled buckling with, again, a lateral point force (arc-length method)

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Progressive Failure Model


Am currently running Ansys analysis using shell181, and Tsai-Wu FC, have some good working first ply failure models

Trying to convert this into a progressive failure model, with no luck so far.

Anyone know something about this, how it could be done?

I suspect by looping, and fortran code, but I do not really have a clue..

Ansys problem

Hi everyone,

        I'm working on the strength of  FRP wrapped concrete beams. I'm using Ansys to analyse this. Can somebody explain me how to handle the nonlinearity of concrete and how to analyse the adhesive between the FRP sheet and concrete beam in ansys?

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3D crack modeling using CTMOPT macro in ANSYS

Hello everyone,

I need to create a semi-elliptical surface crack in a cylinder using ANSYS. CTMOPT macro allows modeling and meshing of this type of crack, but I am struggling to get this. If anyone knows detailed information regarding this, kindly let me know.


Thanking you,

Ashish Joshi

Michael Borowicz's picture

Hard stage materials in Ansys


I'm trying to simulate and compare principal stresses in model of bolt and nut, for different material data. I would like to get the soft/hard stage comparison. The problem is that I just do not know how to define hard stage material, it is not in standard material library in ansys (workbench or classic).

If anyone could help me giving some examples of hard stage materials data I would be greatfull.

Composite Plate Modelling in Ansys 9



I'm new  to Ansys.. I need to model a composite plate with a hole. It needs to have 5 laminated layers with different fiber orientations.

I've been through all similar queries here and have managed to understand how to model the layup (using the section -> shell method).

I have also modelled a sample plate with a hole.

I have also inputed the various material properties of each individual layer (through the Material Model editor).


Ansys creep

Is there a place I can find explained examples or tutorials on how to model creep in ANSYS?

User-defined, ANSYS

I am writing user-defined element using ANSYS. Are any general guidelines available? Kindly help me.


Need help in executing ANSYS subroutine userpr

Dear all

I need help in executing ANSYS user programmable feature (UPF), specifically subroutine userpr (changing element pressure information) for my 2D model. I have read the manual but don't understand the subroutine program structure (attached below). Can someone kindly explain how can I activate and run the subroutine?


"Subroutine Userpr text file":

lamb wave simulation

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     I am trying to simulate lamb wave propagation in steel plates using Ansys. I am completely new to this and would really appreciate any guidance with regards to examples or tutorials, speicifically for this problem. I know and am using the general tutorials out there. Thanks in advance for your help.



Aide Needed in crack propagation prediction with ansys .

Hello,I'm a student in engineering.  I wannto do simulation of the process of a cracked plate which is subjected to  tensile stress at the each end of the plate and perpendicular to the crack plane. with ansys .( crack mode I )

Aide Needed in crack propagation with ANSYS

Hello,I'm a student in engineering.  I wannto do simulation of the process of a cracked plate which is subjected to  tensile stress at the each end of the plate and perpendicular to the crack plane. with ansys .( crack type I )

triangular load on an area



I try to enter a triangular load on an area. I have entrered the gradient information in settings. But when I try to apply load on area, it does not take it in triangular form, but in constant form. It works  with apply on nodes. But, is the result correct with this option?

ANSYS: melting using element death--how to transfer convection BC from deactivated elements?

I am modelling melting by element death.  I have a cold (melting) rectangle with a hot fluid convecting at the exterior.  I am using a do loop so that time increases at each loop.  I define a "melting" temperature, so that elements are killed off when they achieve a specified temperature.  

ANSYS shell99

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Does anyone knows what's the theory of the element shell99 in Ansys? I tried to search in ANSYS Help, but didn't find anything. Is it kirchoff classical plates theory?

Modal analysis in ANSYS

Hi all,

I am doing modal analysis of a box placed at the table. The box is containing the electronics components inside. The electronic components are fragile to vibrations. Now i have designed the box in Pro E and have imported it in ANSY. The box is connected with the table at four corner points from the base. Note that the base of box is not placed at the table rather box is connected to table at four corner points.

ANSYS qu from new user: help me write a "for" loop please!

Hi: I am a new ANSYS user and would really appreciate help writing a "for"-type loop to go with an example found here:

 At the end of the example is the paragraph below.  I want to know how to do this!  Can anyone modify the code for me?  I don't even know where to start.  I would be very grateful!  

Indentation test modelling on Ansys

I am currently doing simulation on Ansys regarding the indentation test for viscoelastic material. I have some problem with the contact element.. Can someone help me on?

Ansys modelling - how to apply load combination- one variable and other constant

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My ANSYS model is a plate. i need to apply two different loads on the model, one an out-of-plane load and the other an in-plane load. Out of the two loads one load should be kept constant during the analysis and the other load needs to be varied in incremental steps. Is there any way to keep one load constant and increment only the other load in the ANSYS analysis?

Details About "NLGEOM"Command in ANSYS

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I am developing an FEA code for a viscoelastic contact analysis. Right now the formulation is assuming small deformations. After deformation I am getting the volume of the body to be less than the original. I want to preserve the volume. ANSYS gives exact results as my code by carrying a normal contact analysis.

formatting ansys 'list nodal solution' output

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Is there any way to change the output format when selecting 'postproc>list results>nodal solution' in ansys. I want to copy this data and load it in excel but there is text located throughout the file every 50 lines or so. The output contains something like 3000 nodal values and every 50 nodes or so the file has some redundant text. Therefore, if I want to manipulate the data i have to cut out the text which can take several hours if the file is large. Currently the output looks something like this:

381 853.15 0.39371 0.15505 852.99 852.87


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