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linear algebra

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Massvolume vs. Spacetime

Apples and oranges. Each element in a set is a pile containing some number of apples and some number of oranges.  Adding two piles means putting them together, resulting in a pile in the set. Multiplying a pile and a real number r means finding in the set a pile r times the amount.  We model each pile as a vector, and the set as a two-dimensional vector space over the field of real numbers.

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Scalar done wrong

Update on 9 April 2016.  At the bottom of this post, I attach a pdf file of my notes on scalar.

Notes on scalars now forms part of my notes on linear algebra.

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Textbook on linear algebra

Linear algebra is significant to many aspects of mechanics.  For some years I have been using the book by Shilov.  But this book may or may not be a good one to recommend to a student, depending on his or her prior experience.  On StackExchange Mathematics, there are several excellent threads discussing textbooks of linear algebra.  A particular recommendation was made for

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How do find Inverse to Rectangular Matrix?

Dear All,

How do find the inverse of the rectangular matrix.

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