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How do find Inverse to Rectangular Matrix?

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Dear All,

How do find the inverse of the rectangular matrix.


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Muthu Kumar M

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Requirements to have an Inverse

  1. The matrix must be square (same number of rows and columns).
  2. The determinant of the matrix must not be zero .
    This is instead of the real number not being zero to have an inverse, the determinant must not
    be zero to have an inverse.

A matrix that does not
have an inverse is called singular. A Rectangular matrixis a singular matrix which means it does not have an inverse.

Hope I have answered you.



Thiyagarajan Dev.

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LU decompostion may be an efficient numerical method, you can find its algorithm in "numercial recipes

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An inverse of a rectangular matrix is still viable. Search for Moore-Penrose inverse, Generalized inverse or Pseudoinverse. I think the latter is used in Matlab.

Singular value decomposition (SVD) might also be helpful. You can look it up in "Numerical recipes".

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as other friend mentioned...simply by using (svd).try it with matlab.

svd([your matrix])

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