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Single Crystal

Input file for the Single crystal plasticity subroutine Nonlinear Finite Elements for Continua and Structures by Ted Belytschko

Can anyone provide me with the input file for the example shown in the book Nonlinear Finite Elements for Continua and Structures by Ted Belytschko et al? The poly-slip, rate-dependent, single crystal plasticity VUMAT subroutine that is available publicly is attached in the following link. I have been trying to reproduce the results in Fig. 13.11 to Fig. 13.13. in the book, but am not successful in doing so. Can anyone please provide me with a working example input file for the problem?

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Dynamic Martensitic Phase Transformation in Single-crystal Silver Microcubes

The ability to transform the crystal structure of metals in the solid-state enables tailoring their physical, mechanical, electrical, thermal, and optical properties in unprecedented ways. We demonstrate a martensitic phase transformation from a face-centered-cubic (fcc) structure to a hexagonal-close-packed (hcp) structure that occurs in nanosecond timescale in initially near-defect-free single-crystal silver (Ag) microcubes impacted at supersonic velocities.

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Need help for running UMAT of Dr. Huang's single crystal

Hello Everyone,

I am a new member of imechanica. I have started to learn UMAT of Abaqus to model my material behavior ( Cu6Sn5, HCP) using crystal plasticity finite element model. I found Dr. Huang's single crystal UMAT to start learning UMAT and I thought that it would be a great guide to start though it is written for FCC mat. But unfortunately I was not able to run the UMAT with it's input file.

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Measurements of Geometrically Necessary Dislocation Densities on Individual Slip Systems

We have recently published a paper on measurements of the density of geometrically necessary dislocations (GND) associated with wedge indentation of a single face-centered cubic crystal. The deformation field is two-dimensional and there are three effective in-plane slip systems that contribute to the plastic slip. We determine the lower bound on the total GND density with a three micrometer spatial resolution. We also show that in certain regions of the domain, the lower bound on total GND density corresponds to the exact total GND density.

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Open PhD position at Mines ParisTech, Centre des Matériaux, Paris, France

Simulation of crack bifurcation in single crystal nickel base superalloys under mixed mode conditions

PhD position available at the Centre des Matériaux , ParisTech , starting fall 2009.

This 3-year project is fully funded by Mines ParisTech, SNECMA and ONERA.

More details are given in the attached file.

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Mechanical Properties and Lattice Structure of Single Crystal 3C-SiC


I truly appriciate if anyone can help me find mechanical properties and crystal structure of beta SiC single crystals. Any reference or link will be highly appriciated


-Ashfaq Adnan

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