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Professor: Materials for Green Energy Technologies at the University of Glasgow

James Watt School of Engineering at the University of Glasgow is looking for an extremely collegiate research-driven professor with an excellent understanding of the materials and energy domains. The School here in Glasgow is in a very interesting phase of development, with strategic plans to approximately double in size by 2030 and that offers many opportunities for appropriately ambitious candidates. Example research areas include but are not limited to:  

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Journal Club for August 2020: Mechanics of High-capacity Rechargeable Batteries

Mechanics of High-capacity Rechargeable Batteries

Cole Fincher, Yuwei Zhang, Matt Pharr

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University


1. Introduction

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In-situ measurements of stress evolution in composite sulfur cathodes

Owing to their enormous capacities, Li-S batteries have emerged as a prime candidate for economic and sustainable energy storage. Still, potential mechanics-based issues exist that must be addressed: lithiation of sulfur produces an enormous volume expansion (~80%). In other high capacity electrodes, large expansions generate considerable stresses that can lead to mechanical damage and capacity fading.

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