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Winners & Finalists of the 31th Edition of the Annual Robert J. Melosh Competition at Duke University

The winner of the 2019 Robert J. Melosh Medal is Dewen Yushu (University of Notre Dame), who presented the paper "The data-driven multiscale multigrid solver, preconditioner and reduced-order model."

Congratulations also to the other finalists! They are listed below, with their respective papers:

Siddhant Kumar, California Institute of Technology and ETH Zurich "Enhanced local maximum-entropy approximation for stable meshfree simulations;"

Deadline extended - Melosh Competition - January 15

The 27th Annual "Robert J. Melosh" Competition for the best student paper on finite element analysis, will be held at Duke Univeristy on April 29, 2016. Please check the attached flyier if interested in participating. 

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