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UK Newton Post-Doc Fellowship in Computational Mechanics

Dear All,

A new multi-million pound initiative to fund research collaborations and improve links between UK and overseas researchers has been launched.

The Newton International Fellowships aim to attract the most promising, early stage, post-doctoral researchers working overseas, who do not hold UK citizenship, in the fields of humanities, engineering, natural
and social sciences.

The scheme provides funding to successful candidates for up to 2 years to work with research groups at a UK research Institution and to establish long term international collaborations.

The Fellowships, and the linked alumni association, are an initiative of the UK's leading research academies - the British Academy, The Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society - and Research Councils UK

The funding will be distributed in the form of 50 research fellowships per round of applications. Successful candidates will receive an annual subsistence of £24,000, up to £8,000 for research expenses, and a one-off payment of £2,000 for relocation.

It is hoped that the collaborations and links formed during the course of the fellowship will continue to benefit Newton Fellows throughout their careers. To facilitate this, former Fellows will be eligible for follow-on funding of up to £6,000 per year, for up to ten years, to
help develop lasting international networks with the UK.

Former Newton Fellows will also become members of the UK International Fellowship Association managed by RCUK, which aims to build a network of overseas researchers, help them maintain contact with the UK and
provide networking opportunities to encourage new collaborations.

Applications for Newton International Fellowships are invited for Fellowships
starting in 2009. The deadline for applications is 12th of January 2009.


Topics available are:

  • fracture mechanics
  • extended finite element methods (XFEM)
  • meshfree methods
  • multi-scale analysis
  • biomechanics, especially surgical simulations, soft tissue and bone modelling 
  • biofilm growth modelling

Please contact me before January 2nd 2009, to allow for sufficient time to write the proposal at stephane dot bordas at gmail dot com or stephane dot bordas at alumni dot northwestern dot edu


  1. a CVincluding a list of publications (focus on international journal ISI publications)
  2. one paragraph summarizing your previous research experience
  3. a potential joint research topic (please check written within one paragraph
  4. description of the benefits for the UK organization (Glasgow) of having you as a team member
  5. your long term research plans (one paragraph)
  6. two references. One should be your PhD supervisor. The other should be your current line manager. Please send the letters directly to me in pdf format.

Good luck,


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