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computational nonlinear elasticity references

I will be developing constitutive material models into commercial FE codes for nonlinear elasticity and searching for good books to get started for computational aspects. There are many good books for computational plasticity but I did not find any for nonlinear elasticity. Suggestion for good books or references is welcome.

There are so many to choose from. Considering that I don't know what type of nonlinear elasticity model you are wanting to look at or what you want to use it with, I would suggest the following two books:

Ellis H. Dill. Continuum Mechanics: Elasticity, Plasticity, Viscoelasticity. CRC Press, first edition, 2007

Davide Bigoni. Nonlinear Solid Mechanics, Bifurcation Theory and Material Instability, Cambridge University Press, First Edition, 2012

Both of those texts deal with elasticity and plasticity, but the coverage is pretty good for the elasticity parts. As far as references go, anything that is written by or with R.W. Ogden is a good read and worth considering.

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