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Finite Element software Z-set : new web page

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New web page of Finite Element Analysis software Z-set is now open:
What is Z-set

Z-set is a computational code devoted to the analysis of material and
structure behavior, involving a finite element solver and a collection
of specific tools for material parameter calibration, preprocessing and
postprocessing computations. Z-set is the result of 30 years of close collaboration between the

and various academic partners.


Solutions :: Analyzing materials and structures

  • Lifetime assessment
    The Z-set lifetime assessment solution helps structural engineers and designers to improve the reliability of their products.
  • Multiscale approach
    Originally designed to perform multiscale computations, the Z-set software suite offers a wide range of advanced multilevel modeling techniques.
  • Material parameter fitting
    Nowadays, industry demands more and more complex material models in order to take into account all relevant physical phenomena during the structural design process. Z-set provides instruments to streamline the identification process of such models.
  • Material behavior
    Z-set provides one of the richest collections of constitutive equations on the FEA software market and almost for any industrial application: automotive, aerospace, energy, medical devices and others.
  • Composite materials
    Z-set provides numerous tools to model the mechanical processes specific to composite material deformation and damage.


 metallic microstructure


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