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Simulation of composite delamination caused by impact

Hi All,

While using LS-DYNA to simulate the impact damage of composites, I have a question about modeling.

I plan to create the model by solid element. Each ply has one element in the thickness direction. The contact between plies is *contact_automatic_surface_to_surface_tiebreak. My question is how to create separate ply models while using this contact. It is clear that common nodes are not allowed. So there might be two possibilities.

case 1: the nodes on the bottom surface of top ply and nodes on the top surface of the bottom ply are overlapping. If so, does initial penetration occur?

case 2: In order to avoid the initial penetration, a distance between the nodes on the bottom surface of top ply and nodes on the top surface of the bottom ply should be given. What should be a proper distance?

This method can be referred to "simulation of ballistic impact on composite panels" (link below) . The author proposed a new method using cohesive contact which allows users to toggle between tie-break model and cohesive contact model. Furthermore, separate cohesive elements are not required for model.

Thanks a lot.


Hello Yi,

You will need duplicate nodes at the interface between layers. I guess there might be some easier way to create duplicate nodes but you can model your layers separately, i.e., create separate solid geometries offset from each other. Now mesh all these geometries with one element through thickness and translate your layers (mesh) such that they overlap but you still have duplicate nodes. Then, you can define your tiebreak contact. If you have a lot of layers, then it's time taking. There might be a simpler way too.

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