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Profilometer software for NDT surface roughness inspection

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Novacam 3D Profilometer Software

The Novacam three dimensional software programs are used with all Novacam Profliometers. The program permits the consumer to define how big the region, or line to be measured, along with the lateral resolution from the measurement.

Novacam's high end Data Acquisition Profilometer Software programs are incorporated with all of MicroCam non-contact profilometers.

  • PC, Windows®-based
  • User-friendly interface for scan control on any Novacam profilometer inspection station

The Applying Programming Interface (API) can be obtained for system integrators and OEMs. Using the API, all kinds offline and online programs could be covered.

profilometer software
Data acquisition of a gear head surface

3d profilometer software
Gearhead 3-dimensional surface images

Data analysis and three dimensional imaging may occur offline or instantly.

    Data output formats: point cloud, 32 bit tiff

    Output exportable to:

  • CAD/CAM software: PolyWorks, Geomagic, SolidWorks, Creo Elements/Professional (Professional/ENGINEER), etc.
  • Imaging, visualization and statistical analysis software: ImageJ, Octave, MatLab, Mathematica, IDL, IGOR Professional
  • Surface and roughness analysis software
  • STL extendable

Option: Novacam Volume Loss Application

volume loss
Novacam Volume Loss Application

Novacam Volume Loss Application processes the acquired surface dimensional data to find out volume loss from abrasion and put on:

  • with micron precision
  • on samples and aspects of various shapes and dimensions

See more about identifying volume loss .



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