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hyperelastic or elastic skin model in Abaqus

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Dears,  I am quite new in the area of Abaqus models and biomechanics. My background is related with textiles. However I am a post doc in Belgium at the moment and my new task is to model a fingertip skin section under the influence of contact with different objects. I started with the Abaqus guide however it does not provide answers for all my questions and doubts, e.g.- how to make a model which is deformed under the influence of load of a piece of object, like textiles and which in the same time can react for temperature change related with contact with this object;- how to lay down an object on the surface of the skin without fixing it on the surface of the skin ( I mean that I wish to touch the textiles by my skin and I am not sure if ties are proper for that or not); - shall I use pinned boundary conditions for the bottom skin surface (hypodermis)?Soon I will have a microscopic image of the skin section so I will be able to model a section of the skin of the fingertip with mechanoreceptors and three layers: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. I already have a question related with that. I would like to give functions to some nodes in my model. I would like these nodes play a role of mechanoreceptors. I guess there is a possibility of doing that in Abaqus but where in the program I can find it and how ( I know it will not be an easy task) shell I do that (is there any methodology for that).I will be very grateful for any hint or advice or comment related with the matter that I presented above.   Kind regards,




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Izabela Ciesielska-Wrobel

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