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The comings and goings in a cell

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Update 23 March 2007.  This wonderful educational video has now been removed from YouTube because it violates copyright.  What a pity!

Andre of Biocurious has just pointed out this terrific animation of the dynamics inside a cell. It brings many pages of textbook to life. Delightful. I've just followed Teng Li's instruction to embed the YouTube video below.

What software was used to create such animation? Was it really time consuming? It seems to be an effective way to describe complex, dynamic phenomena. Be sure to read Andre's comments on an earlier version of the animation, and visit website of XVIVO, the company that created this video.


I like this movie, which gives the insight into what is happening inside a cell. For instance, the motion of motor proteins (e.g. kinesin) is quite impressing such that movie shows how motor proteins carries the vesicles. I believe that movies (showing some dynamics of biomolecules, nanomaterials, etc.) might straightforwardly provide an idea on dynamics of molecules, proteins, cell, etc.

In the future, I might have an attempt to upload the movies which may show the conformational transitions of proteins based on simple harmonic approximations. This work is still on-going, so I hope that I might have a chance to upload the interesting movies for that.

Anyway, uploading movies is quite intriguing. I appreciate Prof. Suo for uploading the very interesting movies on what is going on inside a cell.

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You can watch this great video through its copyright owner's webpage at: 

Several other interesting videos are also available in this website for educational use.

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