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[Abaqus] UEL user subroutine

Hello to everybody. This is my first discussion on this forum. First I want say: "sorry for my bad english"

I want run an abaqus job analysis using different general user element types. I know I can refer to these user elements in elementDefinitions and other blockOptions in InputFile by the elementTypeKey (for example U100, U200, etc).I know I can define my general user element in a UEL user subroutine in a fortran source file.I know there is the variable JTYPE passed in subroutine, which is an integer defining the element type.

Here is what I don't know:
in my fortran source file that I'll link to my abaqus job
I must write a single UEL subroutine in which with a flow-control structure I say what are definitions for all my general user element types? (i.e. if (jtype.eq.1) then... else if (jtype.eq.2) then ...)

Please, answer me. It would be very useful for my work. Thank you so much in advance for your helpfulness

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ABAQUS works in this manner. All the elements are defined within ONE UEL subroutine and each element is identified by its element type name (JTYPE).


 Subroutint UEL (.....)

       if (Jtype .eq. "U001") then

              your U001 element definition

      else if (JTYPE .eq. "U002") then

             your U002 element defintion 

      elseif ....






I am working on finite element formulation of thermopiezoelectric shell element. i want to incorporate the element in Abaqus software as a project work. i would like to know how to add the new element in abaqus. how can i add? Pls do help

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I think it is  not too difficult to embed the thermpiezoelastic constitutive law in abaqus via UEL, But how to output the fields and x-y data of Elements is very difficult.

best wishes,

hi... i tried my best to get information abt how to incorporate an User Element in ABAQUS... but still am in the begining stage... PLS do help... i got an example UEl  subroutine from ABAQUS... but i dont know how to run an analysis using it... PLS do help... id is

u can contact me in this id too...

 thanks in advance....

Hi All,

I am a new user of Abaqus and as a part of my research I need to define a subroutine for Hypoelasticity model defined by UHYPEL in the material property module. I looked through the documentation and found some guidance about user defined subroutines; however, I still don't know how to open a subroutine file to write in. Is it a file in FORTRAN or C programmig language? How can I see the available subroutine files as a guidance? How can I create a subroutine? I will appreciate if you answer to help me by answering my question.

Yours Sincerely

I have only ever seen fortran code for user material code.

You have to write a subroutine, in fortran (although it should be possible to do it in C if you know how to control the name mangling of the compiler). This is of course just a ascii text file, and you can open it with any text editor.  I dont know what file you are trying to open. If it's a *.o file, then it is an compiled object file which you can't open and modify. Look for a *.f90 file, edit and compile it with a supported compiler (only ifort that i know of). Your enviroment also has to have the necessary libraries for linking fortran code and a linker installed and set to the proper paths.

You write your code, seperately. Then you compile it to an object file. You tell abaqus to use it in a material (i.e. abaqus job=some_job umat=my_umat.o), and abaqus will link a new executeable when you run the job.  

This is not particulary easy, and you supply to little information about your system for us to help you any more than this. 


I'm working on the article " A finite element implementation of a coupled diffusion-deformation theory for elastomeric gels". It is a very nice tutorial for implementing fluid diffusion and large deformations of elastomeric gels as a user-defined element (UEL) subroutine in the commercial finite element software package ABAQUS. The subroutine and input files of the solved examples in the paper are published online. The problem is, when I want to run the input files, I got the error "Analysis is being terminated from a user subroutine".

The subroutine and input files are available here:

Would you possibly help me?


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No one would want to open an obscure zip file.

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For an intro to subroutines get the file User Subroutines with ABAQUS.pdf

Good luck


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