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Bone Remodeling Subroutine

Dear all,

I am a PhD student working on mandibular fixations using some smart materials. At this step I am going to work on simulation of bone remodeling in mandible. I am very new to ABAQUS, however after searching the web, I got the key is using in UMAT coding for this problem (???).  I have the model and also all the equations ready, I'm going to use Stanford theory for bone remodeling which obtain the stimulus from the strains and the stresses. I have never written a UMAT code, and all the existing samples are complicated and completely irrelevant to may case. Does anyone have a bone remodeling UMAT sample? I really need help!!!




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yes, you need UMAT.

For a start in UMAT coding get the file User Subroutines with ABAQUS.pdf
it may show up as
But it will not be of much help to you.

For remodeling see
Bone remodeling codes

Search the web for a code for the model you intend to use. Alternatively, ask the authors of that model if they are willing to share a code, not necessarily for ABAQUS. Your work should help them spread the word, so they should have a keen interest in disseminating a numerics code.

If you refer with "smart materials" to shape memory materials then look up my posting on
Regrettably, that custhelp site of Simulia is down. Contact me directly if you need the information I refer to in this posting.

The other option is UMAT coding of shape memory materials.

Good luck


Thank you very much Frank.

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