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TeX-based equation image generator

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If you would like to include LaTeX equations in a presentation (Powerpoint, Keynote, or others), and have not found a good solution so far, then you might wan't to consider TeXclip.  It is on the web (no installation needed) and high-quality images of the TeX equations can be incorporated into a presentation rather seamlessly. I have been using TeXPoint so far, but do like the simple usage and the quality of the images that TeXclip generates.


Dibakar Datta's picture

 Dear Prof. Sukumar,

                               Thank you for the information. I have been using LaTeXiT . That is also good . 

Dibakar Datta 

PhD Candidate ; Major : Solid Mechanics
Shenoy Research Group
Providence 02912 , USA

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Thanks so much.It was so useful for me

Best Wishes

Hadi Dastani 


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