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Performance of dissipative dielectric elastomer generators

Choon Chiang Foo, Soo Jin Adrian Koh, Christoph Keplinger, Rainer Kaltseis, Siegfried Bauer, Zhigang Suo.

Performance of dissipative dielectric elastomer generators
Journal of Applied Physics 111, 094107 (2012)


Abstract. Dielectric elastomer generators are high-energy-density electromechanical transducers. Their performance is affected by dissipative losses. This paper presents a theoretical analysis of a dielectric elastomer generator with two dissipative processes: viscoelasticity and current leakage. Conversion cycles are shown to attain steady-state after several cycles. Performance parameters such as electrical energy generated per cycle, average power, and mechanical to electrical energy conversion efficiency are introduced. Trade-offs between large electrical energy and power output and poor conversion efficiency are discussed. Excessive current leakage results in negative efficiency—the dielectric elastomer generator wastes energy instead of generating it. The general framework developed in this paper helps in the design and assessment of conversion cycles for dissipative dielectric elastomer generators.



Haeriest thanks for shearing such an unforgettable papers. Paper have a alot of information which is very much fruitful to me.

One's again thanks Dr. Foo for shearing this.



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RajKumar sahu

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