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polymer/metal multiscale


I am searching on multiscale simulation of polymer/metal ( mechanical propertices).

Cohesive zone model is used for this porpose.

Is there another models that can use for this issue and using MD data as input?

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Are you looking for multiscale simulation for polymer or metal or polymer+metal(nanowire=polymer)?. I did a litreture search for multiscale simulation of polymer and polymer nanocomposite and I would be happy to disscuss these with you.

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I'm fresh in nanocompsites so this topic is very intersting for me. Have you made any reviews? What can you recommend to read for beginners?

I think that most of modern literature on this area is devoted to FEM simulations, is it? What about analytical study of mechanical properties? What about molecular dynamics and other simulations? 

If you share it whit me i appreciate.
My propose is extract interface atomistic properties, i.e displacement-tranction or ... and use it in macro-scale theory, for example cohesive zone model.
I know that this way is using for multi-scale simulation of ceramic/metal interfaces (SiC/Al for example). Is there same procedure for polymer-metal?


       I need to develop methods for multiscale modelling of fatigue in polymer composites. I have just begun on the project, doing literature review. I am currently reading papers of I Doghri for micromechanics. Can you suggest some literature for the micromechanics of  polymer composites?



I have a thsis for polymer/steel modeling by CZM. I think it can help you.

Van den Bosch, Marco J.
Interfacial delamination in polymer coated metal sheet, a numerical-experimental study.
Eindhoven University of Technology, 2007

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