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LATEX for Windows 7 ??

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Somebody know something about the software LATEX for write in Windows 7? ..How or where get it or download it?.



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 I can help you get started.  Send me your email and we can correspond and I can help you get going.

See my homepage and email me.



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I use winEdt 6. You can get a trial versias for one month. Full version is 30 dollars. It works well!

good luck



I have downloaded TeXnicCenter from  and MikTeX 2.8 from TeXnicCenter comes packaged with configuration utility that is easy to setup in a few short steps. But you must first download and install MikTeX and a postscript viewer such as GhostScript before proceeding to setup TeXnicCenter. At least for me, these free software seem to work just fine! 


Good luck!





I am using LYX which can be obtained from . I have been using this for around 4 years and very comfortable to install also. It works on XP,VISTA,7 and all LINUX based OS. It has a total installation package which comes with MIKTEX, JABREF( BIB package) and GS view. U can download this at



TexnicCenter and Miktex seem to work very well. I also recommend you to use them. 

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Sorry, but I did not review the blog.... my e-mail is would bve grateful if you send me some useful material

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