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6 CDs in cell mechanics(mechanobiology)

There are six distinguished biophysicist in cell mechanics field (their research interests cover much broader areas) and the abbreviations of their first names are either C or D. They are Dr. David Weitz (Harvard U.), Dr. Christopher Chen (U. Penn.), Dr. Dennis Discher (U. Penn.), Dr. Denis Wirtz (JHU), Dr. Douglas Robinson (JHU), and Dr. Daniel Fletcher (U.C. Berkeley). These six scientists use both experimental and theoretical approaches to investigate the biological responses of proteins and cells to mechanical stimuli, such as forces and geometrical constraints. Their research extends from molecular scale to cellular level to tissue level.

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2011 International Dictyostelium Conference, August 14-18, Baltimore, MD USA

The annual International Dictyostelium Conference will be held in Baltimore, MD USA from August 14 to 18. Dictyostelium has been extensively used as a model organism for the study of cell mechanics, motility, chemotaxis, cell division and other biological events that involve cell shape change and the mechanical behaviors of cells. In this coming meeting, there will be 70 oral presentations and 100 posters covering above topics.


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A new book chapter of the role of the actin cytoskeleton in mechanosensation

We wrote a book chapter about the role of the actin cytoskeleton in mechanosensation. The book title is Mechanosensitivity and Mechanotransduction, edited by A, Kamkin and I. Kiseleva and published by Springer-Verlag, New York.". 

In this chapter, we try to integrate mechanics, materials science, biophysics and biology together to give a most updated view of this field. We also want to introduce the feedback loop concept to mechanicians who are interested in studying biological systems.

I attached the pdf version and the follwoing is the subtitles of the chapter. 

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on-line visualized experiments

Please visit

You'll find tons of video about biological experiments you might be interested in. It is very useful for most of mechanicians who lack this kind of knowledge and experience. Enjoy yourself!

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