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tenure tract associate professor position in Perugia in Machine Design

You can apply to a RTD-B position (tenure track associate professor) at the università di PERUGIA in the sector ING-IND14, that is machine design, mechanics of materials, fatigue and fracture etc.. Deadline is 11 July 2022.

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A few PhD positions are available at PoliBA (Italy) in adhesion regulated by microvibrations

Call for PhD student grants and applications


Location: Polytechnic University of Bari, Department of Mechanics Mathematics and Management (DMMM), Via Orabona 4 - 70125 Bari – Italy

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Prof. Davide Bigoni wins his second ERC ADVANCED RESEARCH GRANT!

I am very pleased to inform you that Prof. Davide Bigoni, probably the leading scientist in solid mechanics in Italy, has won the most prestigious grant in Europe, of a value of nearly 2.5 MEuro.    This is his second Advanced Research Grant from ERC, and Prof. Bigoni is probably one of the few to have won 2 Advanced ERC in Italy.

My warmest congratulation to Davide for his well deserved achievement.

The title of his project is


"Beyond hyperelasticity: a virgin land of extreme materials"


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Fretting fatigue --- is there really an important effect of friction coefficient??

dear Colleagues

In writing a review of models on fretting fatigue, I am looking at the effect of friction coefficient.   Obviously, if friction is zero there is no fretting fatigue!   This goes without saying.

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A very simple solution to the rolling contact problem will falling friction

In rail-wheel contact modelling, there is a huge industrial interest to model accurately rolling contact of hard bodies with friction for predicting fatigue, squeal, noise, vehicle dynamics.     In the literature, the case of Carter 1926 has been extended with numerical codes known as FASTSIM and CONTACT which are based on algorithms by JJ Kalker.     However, there is a serious problem to model falling rate-dependent friction, which gives unexpected instabilities and unclear solutions.

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A comment on a hybrid asperity-Persson friction rubber theory by A Emami, S Khaleghian and S Taheri. Friction 9(6): 1707--1725 (2021)

dear collegues, I may be interested to share your views on an "asperity theory" modified Persson's rubber friction contact mechanics theory which I find not clearly motivated and seems to lead to erroneous conclusions ---- but I am also unable to reproduce the results claimed by the authors. The preprint is here, and the original paper attached:

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support for Ukraine: 10 visiting professors positions

Dear colleagues

in attach you find a call for invited professors from Ukraine at the Politecnico di BARI in Italy for 3 months with full expenses and salary covered.  


Greetings, Michele Ciavarella


PS I think it is useful to report the initiative on researchgate, which has a link in which over 1000 researchers from all over the world have listed available positions such as phd or post-doc or other

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Improved Muller approximate solution of the pull-off of a sphere from a viscoelastic substrate

M. Ciavarella (2021) Improved Muller approximate solution of the pull-off of a sphere from a viscoelastic substrate, Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, DOI: 10.1080/01694243.2021.1882766

See also in attach the PDF.

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Ciavarella-McMeeking. Crack propagation at the interface between viscoelastic and elastic materials

Crack propagation at the interface between viscoelastic and elastic materials

M.Ciavarella, R.McMeeking

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On the Afferrante-Carbone theory of ultratough peeling

I attach a preprint of a note on the elegant and interesting and simple theory by Afferrante and Carbone on ultratough peeling of an elastic tape from a viscoelastic substrate.   Any comment is most welcome.   Regards, MC

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In the 100 000 top scientists there is decline of USA, and a jump of China and India

Not everyone has noticed, also from our previous studies including a letter to Nature,  that in the list of 100 000 most cited scientists by Ioannides et al. recently published in PLOS Biology, comparing the career database (1996-2017) with that of 2017, composed of around 2% of Italians, all the states we analysed except for Italy and China and India have suffered a decline in the number of researchers present in the 2017 data set compared to even substantial career data (Japan –20% nationally ).

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Analytical Models for Fatigue Life Prediction of Metals in the Stress-Life Approach -- phd thesis by Pietro D’Antuono

dear collegues

  I'd be very grateful if you could have a look, if not a deep reading, at the phd thesis of my last student, playing on classical results on uniaxial fatigue, but with a view of simple, unified perspective on constant and varying amplitude fatigue.  We made large use of web site and the data in there.
 Thanks in advance for any remark.  The final thesis will be submitted in few weeks time.

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electroadhesion of rough surfaces, with application to touch screen technology

Just submitted a paper on electroadhesion of rough surfaces, greatly simplifying the recent theory of the great Bo Persson , with hot application to touch screens :  see here

Comments welcome.

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The false myth of the rise in Italian self-citations, and the impressively positive effect of bibliometric evaluations on the increase of the impact of Italian research

Title: The false myth of the rise in self-citations, and the impressively positive effect of bibliometric evaluations on the increase of the impact of Italian research

Authors: Pietro D'Antuono and Michele Ciavarella

Categories: physics.soc-ph math.ST stat.TH   Comments: 20 pages, 8 figures, 10 tables, in English and inItalian  License:


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Mean stress effect on Gaßner curves interpreted as shifted Wöhler curves

A criterion for the mean stress effect correction in the shift factor approach for variable amplitude life prediction is presented for both smooth and notched specimens. The criterion is applied to the simple idea proposed by the authors in a previous note that Gaßner curves can be interpreted as shifted Wöhler curves. The mean stress correction used has been proposed by Smith, Watson and Topper and, more in general, by Walker.


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