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abaqus keywords

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How do I count Keyword Blocks in the Abaqus input file?

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The Abaqus documentation, available here:

states the following:

Certain keywords must be used in conjunction with other keywords; forexample, the *ELASTIC and *DENSITY keywords must be used in conjunction with the *MATERIAL keyword. These related keywords must be grouped in a block in the input file; unrelated keywords cannot be specified within this block. 

defining a response spectrum in abaqus 6.10


I am trying to perform a response spectrum analysis of a tall tower. I work with abaqus 6.10, but i am unsure of how to define a spectrum. there is no spectrum radio button on the create amplitude menu... so i guess i have to edit the keywords.

does anyone have an example of how a spectrum can be defined? i'd be much grateful


Lekshmi Remesh 

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