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Nanoscale properties

Postdoctoral Research/PhD Studies on Multiscale Material Modeling at the Technion

The Nanomechanics Simulations Laboratory at the Mechanical
Engineering Department, Technion, Israel, is recruiting Postdoctoral
researchers and/or PhD candidates in the area of modeling the plastic deformation of metallic specimens at the nanoscale.
The research involves performing simulations at various scales
(Molecular Dynamics, Dislocation Dynamics and Finite Elements Analysis).
We are looking for highly motivated applicants, who are familiar with

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Nanoscale Mechanics

Nanometer range microscopic holes operate as membrane layer signals in most existing models, exactly where they will function as very sensitive electro-mechanical units that control electrical power possibilities, ionic circulation, and molecular transportation by means of the cellular membrane layer. Scientific studies of nanopore structures as well as their particular depictions for solitary chemical transportation by way of solid-state walls will certainly result in man-made cellular walls and individual particle sensors.

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PhD Dissertation Positions in Nanomechanics at Northwestern University

Applications are invited for graduate studies within the Micro and Nano Mechanics Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University.  The successful candidate will join a vibrant interdisciplinary research group and be involved in projects addressing atomic scale experimentation and modeling of advanced materials.  We seek motivated, talented and independent individuals interested in pursuing a PhD in one of the following areas:
•    Mechanics of Graphene and applications


NANOSHEL makes more than 50 types of products, among which the main products are nanotubes, SWCNT´s, MWCNT´s, nanoparticles,. These products are widely used in the fields such as textile industry, ceramics, chemical fiber, plastics, coatings, cosmetics, rubber, electrical and electronic equipments, electric power generation and boiler and so on.

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