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nanotwinned copper

instability induced by incoherent twin boundary in nanotwinned copper

1. Strain hardening and softening in nanotwinned Cu:

Nanotwinned Cu foils with about 99% coherent twin boundaries (TBs) among all the boundaries were made. These coherent

TBs, with an average spacing of 25 nm, were engineered approximately parallel to foil surfaces. Low plane-strain deformation

enhances the hardness by refining microstructure and introducing dislocations. High plane-strain deformation results in crystallographic

lattice rotation and reaction between dislocations and coherent TBs, and induces incoherent TBs, thus twin coarsening and

what's detwinning

Now I am doing some work about nanotwinned copper, and don't understand what's the nature of "detwinning". 

Could any disappearance of the original nanotwin structure and the formation of a single grain or a new twin structure with TBs in a different orientation and/or with different TB spacing be called detwinning?

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