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SIF for an edge crack in mode III

Hi everyone,


I am working on the propagation of an edge crack in semi-infinite plate under antiplane loading.

I need to estimate the stress intensity factor KIII at the front of the crack but I can't find a theoretical formula for this purpose. For an embedded crack of length l in an infinite plate under shear stress sigma_23 I can use KIII = sigma23*sqrt(pi*l). But I don't know what I must use in the case of an edge crack.


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SIF analytic Solution (Mode I and/or II) for Tubes

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I was wondering if anyone knows of an analytic Solution for KI and/or KII in tubes.

I´ve seen an infinite number of equations, shape functions, FEM simulations, standards, etc. But one closed solution for tubes?, an analog to Williams series but for cilindirical surfaces?

I am trying to fit experimental displacement data to Williams series. I´ve done it succesfully for flat specimens (kind of easy actually). But now, we have to do the same for tubes. When cracks are long, you can´t approximate the tube surface to an infinite plate anymore.


how to do a crack propagation analysis?

can abaqus be used for doing crack propagation analysis for plates with multiple cracks?

SIF,COD and Critical Flaw size for a pressured pipe with axial and circumferential crack in ABAQUS

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Hello All,

I'm new user in ABAQUS and I want to simulate and verify a critical crack-size in a pressurized pipe with axial and circumferential crack. Also, an important aspect, the crack is through-wall thickness. So, I'm faced with some doubts about its implementation in ABAQUS as following:

1 - Can I model the through-wall crack with shell ements based on line-spring (element LS3S)?

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