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finite element

ADINA Research & Development Engineer in Solids and Structures

We at ADINA R & D are looking for a Research & Development Engineer in Solids and Structures — general
finite element development. A PhD in applied mechanics or a related
discipline is highly desirable for this position. Applicant must have excellent
knowledge of finite element methods and good programming skills (Fortran
or C/C++).

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I am modelling an inflated sphere. The sphere is composed off two circular planar membranes joined together at the boundries. 
I have modelled the inside of the sphere as a fluid cavity and will inflate it to its threshold limit. 

I have achieved this by using the fluid cavity and fluid inflator method but for some reason when I run my input file I receive the following message: 

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Technology Brief: Optimization of Turbine Blade Dovetail Geometries Using Abaqus and Isight

The reliability of a gas or steam turbine is strongly
dependent on the blade structural design. 
Turbine blades are subjected
to very strenuous environments such as high temperatures, high stresses, and a
potentially high vibration environment. To avoid blade failures, they must be
designed to withstand these conditions. 

Finite Element Analysis Developer position with Convergent Manufacturing Technologies Inc.

Convergent Manufacturing Technologies Inc. (, a small but growing university spin-off company located on the University of British Columbia, Vancouver campus, is a world-leader in virtual manufacturing for the aerosapce industry. We develop specialized engineering simulation software and provide engineering support to the leading aerospace companies world-wide.

PhD Studentship: Numerical modelling of fault formation, Imperial College, London, UK

PhD Studentship: Numerical modelling of fault formation



***UK/EU Student Funding*** - ***Any International Student will require additional tuition payment***

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Postdoctoral position in computational materials science

A postdoctoral position is available in the area of phase field modeling of solidification/phase transformation in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri-Rolla). MSE program at Missouri S&T is one of the largest and most respected MSE programs in the US

PhD Studentship: Rock Fracture and Fragmentation - Imperial College, London, UK

PhD Studentship: Rock Fracture and Fragmentation: Optimization



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Post-doctoral position in Computational Mechanics (Bio-inspired structures) at the University of Southampton, UK

A postdoctoral fellowship funded by the US Air Force is available at the University of Southampton (UK) to work in the area of computational mechanics applied to biomimetics and bio-inspired structures for military applications. 

CLOSING DATE: 18 June 2012 (Earliest starting date: July 1st 2012)


gradient of deformation in skeletal muscle

Dear All

My thesis is about finite elment modeling of skeletal muscle in which I should calculate gradient of deformation incrementally in ABAQUS subroutine "UMAT".

However,for starting the code to perform having initial deformation gradient is essential. I don't know how to start the program.

Would anyone familiar with this field help me or introduce any reference.

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Call for special issue papers: Mechanics of cells, tissues, and biomaterials

The paramount role of mechanics in life has recently been the center of attention of many researchers. This special issue will be focusing on the role of mechanics in the life of cells and tissues and their interactions with biomaterials. Original research and review papers are solicited for review and publication in the journal Mechanical Sciences . Mechanical Sciences is an academic open-access journal sponsored by the Library of Delft University of Technology and The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).

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Webinar: How Can IntelliSuite v8.7 Benefit MEMS Research and Teaching

IntelliSuite was the first MEMS-specific CAD tool and has been under
development for over 20 years.  In this free webinar, understand how this
industry-standard software can help MEMS designers, process engineers,
and professors save time and costs in the development cycle, share their
designs with others, and teach students about MEMS. The webinar will
cover: process development using virtual fabrication tools, etch recipe
development using process simulators, design rule checking and
cross-sectioning tools for MEMS layout, design exploration and
optimization using behavioral and parametric modeling, recent
developments in automated meshing algorithms, discussion of coupled
FEM-BEM solvers for MEMS multiphysics analysis, linking MEMS models to

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Engineering and Computational Mechanics papers free online until 5 Dec 2011

The following four papers have been selected by the Editorial Panel of
Engineering and Computational Mechanics
to be distributed free (until 5 December 2011):

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Corotational formulation for 3D solids

Pleas have look
This paper presents theory for the Lagrange co-rotational (CR) formulation of finite elements in the geometrically nonlinear analysis of 3D structures. In this paper strains are assumed to be small while the magnitude of rotations from the reference configuration is not restricted. A new best fit rotator and consistent spin filter are derived. 


Open source finite element code that deal with contact....

I am looking for any open source finite element codes that may be out there that deal with contact mechanics.

PhD Studentship: Rock Fracture and Fragmentation - Imperial London, UK

PhD Studentship: Rock Fracture and Fragmentation




Background: The Rio Tinto Centre for Advanced Mineral Recovery was founded

in 2008 in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College

London. The Centre is a partnership between Imperial College and Rio Tinto,

New International Master Program in Computational Materials Science


I am writing to inform you about a new master in Computational Materials Science offered at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany. It is an international master program, and all the lectures will be given in English.

To enhance multidisciplinary research, the program is open to students from different background, mechanical engineering, solid state physics and materials science.


Finite element simulation of substrate and film

Hello Everybody here :

 I am going to use ANSYS to do some finite element simulations of interface crack between

substrate and film and the residual stress of substrate and film. I don’t how to define the interface of the substrate and film in finite element model. How to connect the substrate and film? Just glue the substrate and film or use other element to deal with it? Thanks a lot.

Open-source finite element code

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to let those interested in Matlab finite element development and educational environments that the successor to the SOFEA toolkit is now available at

The toolkit now provides in addition to thermal and stress analysis (static and dynamic) also sample simulations from other fields, such as acoustics, nonlinear heat conduction analysis, electrostatics, small-strain plasticity, .... The toolkit now also includes an implementation of the Nodally Integrated Continuum Elements (NICE) which are quite effective for nearly incompressible mechanics problems.

The toolkit and the accompanying textbook are open-source and freely available. The book is also available in print.


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