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Design of planar isotropic negative Poisson’s ratio structures

Most of the auxetic materials that have been characterized experimentally or studied analytically are anisotropic and this limits their possible applications, as they need to be carefully oriented during operation. Here, through a combined numerical and experimental approach, we demonstrate that 2D auxetic materials with isotropic response can be easily realized by perforating a sheet with elongated cuts arranged to form a periodic pattern with either six-fold or three-fold symmetry.

modelling cyclic plasticity in abaqus


I have to model cyclic plasticity in ABAQUS. The method to use ( this is as per ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel code) involves only a single loading ( rather the load range has o be applied) and using a stabilized cyclic stress strain data expresssed in Ramberg Osgood format. The parameters for Ramberg Osgood are specified in the equation to be used fpr stabilized cyclic stress strain curve.

 Implementing the same in ABAQUS, gives me the following possibilities :


1) Hardening type Isotropic-which I believe should not be used with cyclic loading.

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