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Implementation of p-p Interactions in Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Dear All,

I want to simulate polymer system that have pi-pi interaction between

chains and reinforcements. I know there is no implemention of pi-pi

interaction in lammps.

So, Is there another method to consider pi-pi interaction in lammps? or

I can't simulate these system by lammps.



A Different Kind of a Book Involving Electromagnetism and Potential Theory

Unlike other blog-posts of mine, I am not going "own" this particular thread. By that, I mean to say: I am going to only begin this thread and immediately turn it over to you completely. I am not going to watch over whether the discussion here continues to stick to its main theme or not, whether it slides into some minor side issues, whether it deserts the main theme altogether, etc., the way I usually do.

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The Meaning of the Concept of Potential in Mechanics (and in Physics)

If someone knows of books/articles dealing with the meaning of the concept of potential in physics (or concerning the physical bases underlying the energy methods of mechanics) then I would very much appreciate getting to know about these.

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