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Global Warming

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Future energy needs and engineering reality

Professor Michael Kelly FRS FREng, Prince Philip Professor of Technology, University of Cambridge, gave the Closing Plenary at the 2nd International Symposium on Energy Challenges and Mechanics, hosted by the North Sea Conference and Journal.

Michael wrote the speech into an article, “Future energy needs and engineering reality”. The paper was published in the Journal of Energy Challenges and Mechanics.

Energy Security, Global Warming and Engineering

One research report (Energy Security.pdf) is attached with this post. It is about how we can use engineering to slove energy and global warming problem.


Stationary Force Can Be Utilized To Do Work.

Before explaining I want to clear some basic things.
v=Velocity. Rate of change in the position of an object
v=dx/dt Meters/Second.
a=Rate of change of velocity.
a=dv/dt =dx/dt2.Meters/second2
Because v=dx/dt
Force (F) = M*a=M*dv/dt=M*dx/dt2 Kg-meters/second2 or Newton.
Work=Force* Distance traveled Newton-Meter.
what happen when force is stationary or can not travel and object can

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Schwarzenegger, Obama, and Energy-related position at the White House

July 13, 2008, 7:31 pm

Schwarzenegger Says He Would Accept Obama Appointment

Melanie Trottman reports on the presidential race.

Guests on the Sunday newsmaker shows, including California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McCain adviser Carly Fiorina, spotlighted energy and the economy and paid tribute to former White House press secretary Tony Snow.

Terra Preta Soil Technology

Please look at this low cost alternative CO2 Sequestration system.The integrated energy strategy offered by Terra Preta Soil technology may
provide the only path to sustain our agricultural and fossil fueled power
structure without climate degradation, other than nuclear power.

I feel we should push for this Terra Preta Soils CO2 sequestration strategy as not only a global warming remedy for the first world, but to solve fertilization and transport issues for the third world. This information needs to be shared with all the state programs.
The economics look good, and truly great if we had CO2 cap & trade in place: 
These are processes where you can have your Bio-fuel and fertility too.Terra Preta' soils I feel has great possibilities to revolutionize sustainable agriculture into a major CO2 sequestration strategy.

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