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Hyperealstic material

Incompressibility in hyperelastic ABAQUS-Subroutine

Hello everybody,

in hyperelastic material models incompressibility is normally realised through Lagrange multipliers. But i can't find any instruction, whether i have to code that multiplier in a routine e.g. of type UHYPER, UANISOHYPER_INV or UANISOHYPER_STRAIN! The only instruction is on incompressibility (and hybrid element) flags, that have to be set, cf. Abaqus User Subroutines Reference Manual 1.1.20, 21 and 37.


Hyperelastic Material Model

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I want to model hyperelastic material for rubber in an analysis.

Could you please provide a brief concept that what type of material model (i.e. Marlow,Ogden etc) needs to be used in which cases?

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Modelling Hyper-elastic Plate Using ABAQUS

Dear All,

For months, I have tried to model a plate with circular hole which has the properties of hyper-elastic material (Ogden) but the results are still not promising compared to literature (Y Basar 1998).  The main problems are:

1. The maximum load I succeeded to apply was q=26, while literature had applied load up to 90. For q > 26, the analysis will terminate with errors such as too many attempt, excessive distortion etc.

2. The results I get for q<26 are not the same as literature. 

I attach my best result for your viewing.

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