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Fossil-fueled civilization

I'll be teaching an undergraduate course on engineering thermodynamics.  We will use the textbook by Cengel and Boles.  I will supplement the textbook using my own notes on thermodynamics.

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  • A dissection of a sample space
  • Entropy of a dissection of a sample space
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  • An experiment that has many possible outcomes
  • Construct a sample space at a suitable level of detail
  • Probability of an event
  • Conditioning
  • Independent events
  • Random variable
  • Use a random variable to specify an event
  • Use a random variable to dissect a sample space
  • Probability distribution of a random variable
  • Variance of a random variable
  • A dimensionless measure of the fluctuation of a random variable

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Statistical Mechanics

Update on 14 December 2019. By now I have taught undergraduate thermodynamics three times at Harvard. I have written up my lecture notes as a book, and posted the book online.

Here are sections that I have now:

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