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VUMAT abaqus Drucker prager

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VUMAT of Drucker Prager, help needed please..

Hi Everyone,

                    I have written Drucker Prager in VUMAT version as shown below..but still there are some deviation with the original in built version of ABAQUS. I have all the notes how i derived these equation.could you please show me where the code has gone wrong or have i missed a critical point in here..i tried my best to spot the error but could not..may be you all experts could find it. Thank you very much. 


subroutine vumat(

c Read only -

     1  nblock, ndir, nshr, nstatev, nfieldv, nprops, lanneal,

VUMAT Drucker Prager Abaqus

Hello !


 I am looking for a vumat in which the drucker prager criterion is implemented. Does anyone have this subroutine ?

Is it for you to send me a copy ?


Best regards 



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