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Gecko, Spiderman and Climbing Robot (Video)

I am at Boston for MRS 2006 Fall meeting this week, where I met a real "spiderman" at the poster session tonight. I'd like to share with you the following videos which were posted at YouTube by the "spiderman" himself, Mr. Jose Berengueres at Tokyo Instititute of Technology.

Mr. "Spiderman" also has posted a video on fasting climbing robot.

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How to post a video?

Sometimes a video can be more convenient and effective than words on delivering a message. Now you can embed videos in your post in iMechanica. As a demonstration, I first embed a video below I made previously on how to make hyperlinks in your post. If you're interested in posting a video in iMechanica, read the following instructions:

How to embed a video in your post?
Step 1: Sign up a free account at, a website you can share videos online. Upon sign up, you can upload videos to YouTube. Follow the easy directions there. Of course you may want to read copyright tips of YouTube before uploading.
Step 2: Once uploaded, your video will have a Unique URL. You can always provide a hyperlink of the video in your post. To directly embed the video into a post, you need to use the html code automatically generated by YouTube, which you can easily find below the unique URL in the video information. Copy the entire html code.
Step 3: Since the current setting of the default text editor of iMechanica (those MS-word-type buttons above the textbox, called TinyMCE) does not support video yet, you need to turn it off and just use plain html. To turn off TinyMCE, click "my account" on the left sidebar, then click "edit" tab. Below "Account information" box, find "TinyMCE rich-text settings" and click it to expand the box. In the Default state, it shows "true" (means TinyMCE is on). Click the drop-down list and choose "false" . Scroll down to the bottom and click "Submit". Now TinyMCE is turned off.
Step 4: Start to post a new entry. Now you should see a Body textbox without any buttons. Paste the YouTube html code into the box. You can add any description above or below the code. If you want, you can also use any html editor to prepare your post and copy/paste the entire html file into the box.
Step 5: Preview your post then submit. Now all iMech users can view your video without leaving your post!
Of course, you can always turn TinyMCE back on by repeating Step 3.
We're still improving the video function in iMechanica. If you have any creative ideas to better achieve such a function, welcome to leave your comment below.
Enjoy vlogging in iMech.


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Video Demo: How to make hyperlinks in your post?

In a recent post, Zhigang Suo explains how to add hyperlinks in your post. We all understand how hard to write an instruction for a simple operation, so we should appreciate Dr. Suo's every effort trying to be elucidative.

If you prefer a visualized instruction, click here to watch a video demonstration on how to make a post in your blog at iMechanica, and how to add a hyperlink in your post.

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