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metal cutting

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Is there any way to assign element based surface for 2D shell element??

I am trying to simulate 2D metal cutting simulation using surface to surface contact in dynamic explicit model. But what I am seeing is.. there is no contact between workpiece surface with failed element (i.e. Chips) which reduces the force value during simulation.

In 3D simulation for 3D stress element (C3D8R), I can do element based surface by editing the input file. Is there any such way in 2D shell element (say CPE4R) also? Please help

Cutting process simulation in Abaqus

Hello ,

 I am working on a project using abaqus to
simulate miling process. As the first stage, I have to be able to simulate cutting process in Abaqus. I have looked up Abacus 6.11 documentaion a lot but did not find too much of usefull information. Could any one kindly give some hints how to develop such model or introduce me some usefull complete resources?



Simulation of Metal cutting using Abaqus


I am a research scholar. I want to carryout my research work on metal cutting. Pls let me know how can I start working with ABAQUS to get the simulation of metal cutting.

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